Automatic hematology analyser

Automatic Hematology Analyser

The CYANHemato is a fully automated, 20 parameters, bench-top hematology cell counter. The analyzer can process 30 samples per hour in 3-part WBC differential mode.

  • 20 hematology parameters
  • 3-part WBC differential
  • Only 25 12µl whole blood sample
  • Easy to use
  • Color LCD touch screen
  • USB connectivity
  • Predilution mode
  • Automatic daily maintenance
  • Large memory (Up to 10,000 tests with histograms)
  • Performant QC software.

  • The analyzer determines the following 20 hematology parameters:
  • WBC total white blood cell count
  • LYM lymphocytes count
  • MON monocytes count
  • GRA granulocytes count
  • LYM% lymphocytes percentage
  • MON% monocytes percentage
  • GRA% granulocytes percentage
  • HGB hemoglobin
  • RBC red blood cell count
  • HCT hematocrit
  • MCV mean corpuscular volume
  • MCH mean corpuscular hemoglobin
  • MCHC mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration
  • RDW red blood cell distribution width
  • PLT platelet count
  • PCT platelet percentage, thrombocit
  • MPV mean platelet volume
  • PDW platelet distribution width
  • P-LCC platelet large cell count
  • P-LCR platelet large cell ratio
  • Other analysers

    Code Name Description CE
    CY005 CYANPro Biochemistry Automate CE
    CY006 CYANHemato Hematology Automate CE
    CY003 CYANCoag Coagulation Semi-Automate CE
    CY002 CYANStrip Urine Strip Analyzer CE


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