Random access biochemistry analyser

Random Access Biochemistry Analyser

Random Access Biochemistry Analyser
The CYANExpert 130 is a continuous loading, random access automatic biochemistry analyser. It is our fastest, most convenient, precise and flexible analyser so far. It includes numerous cost saving features and provides a lot of flexibility to the operator
The software offers advanced data management and QC features. It executes constant checks to increase the validity of the delivered results and to provide real walk away time. During operations, real time visual feedback is provided to the operator. The CYANExpert 130 will reduce the workload and increase the efficiency of your lab.
The CYANExpert 130 is intended for expanding, quality focused laboratories, performing up to 800 biochemical and immunoturbidimetric measurements per day.

Why CYANExpert 130?
Cost savings:

  • Minimum reaction volume of 220 µl results in a decreased cost per test.
  • Fluid level detection eliminates testing errors due to empty water, washing solution, controls, calibrators, sample or reagents containers.
  • Washing station automatically washes the reaction cuvettes.
  • Separate waste lines reduce hazardous waste.
  • True walk away automation optimizes the staff time.
  • Auto sample re-run eliminates risk of human error.
  • Low service requirements.
  • Standby lamp status, reduces the power consumption and extends the lifespan of the lamp.
  • No maintenance, high precision pipetting diluter used.
  • Two sizes of reagent container reduce the dead-volumes.

  • Data management:
  • Sample and patient based identification enable quick queries and follow-up statistics.
  • Sample and reagent barcode identification available in option.
  • LIS connectivity enables to push and pull data into the system through ASTM standard.
  • Access codes safeguard the system operation by authorized users only.

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