Urine strips

Code & Name Urine 1B Urine 1G Urine 1P Urine 2AC* Urine 2GK Urine 2GP Urine 3 Urine 9 Urine 10
Blood x x x
Glucose x x x x x x
Proteine x x x x x
Creatinine x
Microalbumin x
Ketone x x x
pH x x x
Bilirubin x x
Specific Gravity x x
Nitrite x x
Urobilinogen x x
Leucocytes x

Urine strips for microalbumin monitoring

The Urine-2AC enables an effective management of kidney disease in patients with
Microalbumin monitoring provides a clinical valuable contribution by the early detection
of kidney disease. This information helps to reduce complications caused by
diabetes and therefore to better control the risks of cardiovascular diseases and the risks
related to pregnancy diabetes.
It enables to:

  • Follow-up the situation prior to developing Proteinuria (high level kidney disease)
  • Measure a clinically meaningful result giving the Microalbumin-to-Creatinine ratio in a random urine sample.
  • Save time and the hassle of a 24 hour urine collection
  • No 24 hour urine collection required
  • More sensitive and more specific results than with strips designed for general protein testing